Ten Topics in Rheumatology : Worldwide


In 1998, Ten Topics was instituted in Barcelona, thanks to the vision of Josep Font, together with Ricard Cervera, Professor Miguel Vilardell and others, aided from the UK by Munther Khamashta. This meeting quickly became an annual institution and in 2009 was voted the best postgraduate meeting in Spain. The most recent event took place in February 2015.

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Ten Topics in Rheumatology took place in Rome, in May 2015.


Professor Eric Rosenthal, a former research fellow at the Lupus Unit, St Thomas’ Hospital, set up the Nice ‘Ten Topics’ in 2008. Together with Professor J-G Fuzibet, the meeting quickly evolved into an Anglo-French 2-day event.

Middle East

The first annual ‘Ten Topics’ into the Middle East was held in Beirut in 2011, organised by Professor Imad Uthman (a regular attendee at the St Thomas’ ‘Ten Topics’). This successful meeting, attracting delegates from numerous Middle East countries, has continued to be held annually in the beautiful city of Beirut. The 1st Saudi Lupus Symposium took place in May 2015 in Riyadh.

Far East

Largely thanks to the energy of Professor Feng, ‘Ten Topics’ Asia was introduced in 2011 in Singapore. Subsequent annual ‘Ten Topics’ meetings were held in Manilla (Dr Sandra Navarro) and Hong Kong (Professor C S Lau).

South America

In 2007, the first South American ‘Ten Topics’ was held in Buenos Airies, organised by Professor Munther Khamashta and Dr Paula Alba. This meeting, arranged back-to-back with the Argentinian Society of Rheumatology, attracted 800 registrants and has been repeated in 2009, 2011 and 2013.

The next South American ‘Ten Topics’ is planned for 2015 in Mexico City.