Ten Topics in Rheumatology : Background


In 1986, an innovative 2-day postgraduate rheumatology course was started by the Lupus Unit at St Thomas’ Hospital under the leadership of Professor Graham Hughes.

The aims of the course were threefold: firstly, to aim high and to bring in the best and most authoritative speakers in their field. Secondly, to concentrate on new advances, especially in lupus and the connective tissue diseases, which at that time were poorly represented in most European meetings. And thirdly, to keep the audience ‘on their toes’ with alternating “Hot Topics”, short clinical vignettes and more “basic” updates.

To these three aims we added a fourth: to keep the cost of the 2-day meeting minimal - especially to trainees. We have kept to that goal - so much so that even in 2015, the cost to trainees was a mere £80 and to more senior rheumatologists and physicians £190.

The popularity of Ten Topics has grown and grown. Such has been the interest from abroad that satellite “Ten Topics” meetings are now held in Barcelona, Rome, Buenos Aires, Singapore & Beirut.

Our next Ten Topics meeting will be held in 2016 at London Bridge, in the superb riverside conference Centre at the Hilton Hotel in London Tower Bridge, allowing us to increase our attendance to 300.


Popular innovations have included “Nightmare on Tooley Street”, a presentation of a number of “impossibly difficult” cases, and “Masterclass” with presentations by leaders in their fields.

More recently, the course has always included at least one “general interest” lecture – previous lecturers have included Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet, Professor Sir Richard Thompson, President of the Royal College of Physicians and Jeffrey Archer, author.


In addition to the Lupus Team at St Thomas’ and the London Lupus Centre, speakers include 10 or 12 National Speakers and 3 or 4 International Speakers. While most of our Speakers come from the world of Rheumatology, we also include experts from other fields.

Cost of subsidised Fellowships

One of our major aims has been to keep costs down. In 2015, we have made a small increase to the registration fee and raised it to £190. Thanks to our sponsors, we are again able to offer 60 subsidised places to UK Rheumatology Trainees at £80 on a “first come” basis. The course is eligible for 12 CME credits.

Barcelona, Nice, Singapore, Buenos Aires, Beirut

For the past 17 years a parallel Ten Topics in Rheumatology has been held in Barcelona. The idea, the brainchild of Dr Martin Ballarin of Laboratorios Menarini and the late Josep Font was to follow-up the London meeting inviting some of the Speakers of the London meeting with a predominantly Spanish faculty. The Barcelona “Ten Topics” has also become extremely popular, attracting up to 800 registrants each year.

The word is spreading, and “Ten Topics” is now also held Buenos Aires, in Nice and in Beirut, and now also an annual “Asian” Ten Topics - this year in Singapore.

How to apply

Please download the relevant application form and return it, with the appropriate cheque, to Sandy Hampson, The London Lupus Centre, 1st Floor, St Olaf House, London Bridge Hospital, 27 Tooley Street, London SE1 2PR

Refund Policy

All requests for a refund of the registration fee will be accepted up to and including Wednesday, 22nd June 2016. We are unable to accept refund applications after this date, i.e. 2 weeks prior to the meeting.